The Revolution Tagine — a High Performance Ceramic

After many years of meticulous research, Revol unveils the REVOLUTION tagine, its first
collection of high-performing tagines in nonporous ceramic for multiple heat sources.

tagineWhether we enjoy them with chicken, lamb, beef or even fish, a tagine’s succulent flavors and evocative fragrances are always a delicious invitation to travel. The striking and traditional shapes of these tagines promise pleasant moments shared with good company. And nothing can deliver the culinary qualities of the traditional pot like the porcelain REVOLUTION tagine. Whether cooking on gas, induction or simmering in the oven; refrigerating and reheating for a few minutes in the microwave, REVOLUTION is the first high-performance ceramic compatible with all sources of heat.

Because the ceramic’s temperature increases gradually, all of your dishes’ gourmet qualities are retained — all the flavors and nutrients are preserved. Once on the table, the REVOLUTION tagine’s high quality ceramic consistently maintains food temperatures throughout many helpings.

And when it comes time to do the dishes, the tagine is dishwasher-safe. Ultra-smooth and naturally non-stick, the enamel is easy to maintain and its strength is remarkable.
Elegant, with a white base, rustic black lid, and modern design, the REVOLUTION tagine moves easily from the kitchen to the table.

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