Fagor Rapid Express Pressure Cooker Keeps the Flavor on Guy’s Big Bite!

Whether it’s competitive cooking or making a quick dinner for his family, culinary rock star Chef Guy Fieri is sure to passionately prepare the tastiest meals each and every Sunday, such as, the “Mojo Cuban Sandwich” using his Fagor Rapid Express Pressure Cooker. Cooking a three-pound pork roast so it’s tender and flavorful enough to include in the “Mojo Cuban Sandwich” would take hours, but Guy trusted the impeccable Fagor pressure cooker to prepare this amazing dish in the comfort of his backyard with his family.

We all know this loveable, friendly, Californian chef from his successful show on Food Network, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. For years, we’ve watched him combine the eclectic worlds of food and rock ‘n’ roll, traveling cross-country visiting classic restaurants and diners. Now, in his thirteenth season hosting Guy’s Big Bite, he is determined to empower parents to cook at home with their children and begin educating them on the importance of eating healthy every day. “You want big flavor, this is how you’re going to get it!” said Guy as he whipped up an entire Cuban feast in episode 10-“Craving Cuban,” which included his signature sandwiches made with marinated pork roast in the Fagor pressure cooker resulting in fast and flavorful results.

Fagor GuyGuy used the Fagor Rapid Express Pressure Cooker to cook the main ingredient, pork roast, for the “Mojo Cuban Sandwich.” Guy was confident in handling the cooker, knowing modern day pressure cookers have many safety mechanisms in place to keep them extra safe. After all, it was imperative that the pork roast was tender enough to be pulled apart in perfection for the sandwich and “If you don’t have time to wait, this pressure cooker will cook it in one-third of the time,” said Guy.

It’s a story of old meets new. The pressure cooker which has been used in homes for well over a half century, has always been valued for it’s time-saving attributes. Pressure cookers cook at higher temperatures because the internal pressure they produce raises the boiling point. The higher temperature allows the cooking to be completed faster, reducing energy costs by about two-thirds.

Pressure cooking usually saves up to 70 percent of cooking time compared to traditional methods. What may have not always been obvious is that less time spent cooking literally translates to less energy used, making it one of the most efficient pieces of cookware in your kitchen. Pressure cooking also retains vitamins and nutrients that are usually lost in traditional cooking methods, helping to maintain a low fat content and rich flavor.

Pressure cooking is easy, efficient and versatile. Simply load the ingredients, close the lid and cook delicious meals in a fraction of the time versus traditional cooking methods. The Fagor Rapid Express Pressure Cooker provides endless cooking possibilities, from appetizers to entrées and even desserts. Hearty soups, stews, chili, and cheesecake are but a few of the many recipes that you can savor with your guests.

Suggested Retail Price for the Rapid Express Pressure Cooker range from $69.99 – $99.99, depending on size. Available nationwide, catalog and online at: www.bedbathandbeyond.com.

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