Winter Gift Show Extravaganza

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review is doing a special extra-glorious supplement to feature products from SIX, count ’em, SIX winter gift shows. This supplement will be mailed out with the January issue of Kitchenware News & Housewares Review, emailed out to our Kitchenware Newswire readers and will be posted on the Kitchenware News website.

Advertise by checking out the details here and then calling Oser Communications Group at 520.721.1300, and we’ll put you in touch with the correct account executive.

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VIETRI Reorganizes Senior Staff

Today, VIETRI announces internal staffing changes that will make the company stronger and more efficient. VIETRI Inc. is the largest U.S. importer of fine Italian handcrafted dinnerware, flatware, glassware, linens, decorative accessories, and garden urns, and it began more than 30 years ago.

First, Holli Draughn has been promoted to the Vice President of Sales. This is a new position, and it will allow for the sales team to have more focused strategic planning. An employee of VIETRI since 2008, Draughn began as a Sales Coordinator. She most recently served as National Sales Manager, and she will now spearhead VIETRI’s sales industry. As a Vice President, Draughn will join the Senior Management team, and the addition of her experience and expertise to the group will position the company for continued growth in the tabletop industry. With the shift in Holli’s role, Anne Campbell Robbins has moved into the position of National Sales Manager. Robbins has been a VIETRI Sales Representative since 2007 and involved in the retail business for over a decade. Working hand in hand with the Sales team is new Product Development Manager, Joan Bolick. Bolick brings luxury experience to the group, drawing from previous positions with companies such as Bond No. 9 and

Next, Mark Gabriel has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Previously VIETRI’s Controller, Gabriel will oversee the accounting department. He manages VIETRI’s financial information, and he is involved with economic strategy and forecasting. His background is in accounting and auditing. VIETRI is excited to again have the guidance of a CFO.

In the marketing department, Lisa Boyles has been named Vice President of Marketing. Boyles brings to the position over ten years of experience in sales, marketing, and brand development. Joining the VIETRI team in 2005, Boyles has served many roles including National Sales Manager, Director of Sales, and Director of Sales and Marketing. Boyles will oversee the marketing department and play a prominent role in strategic planning for VIETRI. Her main focus will be on the future of the company and the best and most effective way to expand the brand globally. Under Boyles’ supervision, Ellen Thompson has been promoted to Public Relations Manager. Thompson joined VIETRI in 2009 as the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator, and she works directly with press to get VIETRI featured in the top lifestyle, bridal, food, and design magazines, such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, and Oprah. As VIETRI’s first Public Relations Manager, Thompson will strategically position VIETRI in the market. She also spearheaded VIETRI’s 30th anniversary Habitat for Humanity homebuilding project.

Finally, Lee Gravely Frankstone has been named Vice President of Strategy and Technology, where he leads the executive team and has responsibility for strategic planning, business development, and information technology. After receiving his MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler and an industrial engineering degree from Georgia Tech, Frankstone was a logistics engineer in the perfume industry before joining the VIETRI team in 2008.

These changes position VIETRI for an extremely successful future. A connoisseur of Italian culture and tabletop style, Susan Gravely, with her sister Frances and mother Lee, founded VIETRI in 1983 after a family trip to Italy where they fell in love with colorful handpainted dinnerware on the Amalfi Coast. VIETRI has grown from a small company representing one Italian factory to the largest Italian importing company in the American tabletop industry. VIETRI now serves a customer base of over 2,000 top specialty stores in all 50 states, plus Canada, England, Mexico, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. Today, VIETRI works with more than 30 manufacturers throughout Italy. These manufacturers are involved in ceramic, glass, stainless steel, pewter, terra cotta, and stoneware. VIETRI’s fashion-forward yet classic Italian collections combine the richness of European culture with a sophisticated American spirit. 

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Stronger than Titanium, Lighter than Steel, Sharp for Years. Is this Superknife?

By Lorrie Baumann

Step aside, Sheriff, there’s a new knife in town. VMatter Cutlery has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to bring to market a knife made of a new material that the company claims has the potential to change food preparation forever. The knife is among the first commercial applications of a metal alloy developed at the California Institute of Technology through research funded in part by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

This alloy is a metal that has the amorphous structure of a glass rather than the crystalline structure of a normal metal. You can imagine the difference by thinking about the difference between the sharp edge of a piece of broken glass and the sharp edges that you feel on the grains of sand as you walk barefoot along the beach. This metal alloy is more like that piece of broken glass than it’s like those crystalline grains of sand, and the folks at VMatter are claiming that’s how it cuts too.

Although the material was first discovered 20 years ago, it has taken its inventors a long time to come up with the right application for it. Even though it’s light, strong, elastic, extremely durable and corrosion-resistant, it’s also hard to work with and requires specialized equipment to fabricate it into a shape, according to Blair Dahl, President of VMatter. After 15 years of working with the metal to develop manufacturing methods, one of the engineering working on the project made a prototype knife for his own use. He took that knife home with him, and the partners didn’t think very much more of it until an “aha moment” six years later, when he came into the office one day to announce, “Remember that knife I made? I’ve used it every day, and it’s still sharp.” Cutlery development mode was launched then and there, Dahl said with a chuckle.

The knife that’s ready to be launched in the marketplace is made by injection-molding the molten alloy, much as if it were a plastic being shaped in a mold. Then when it comes out of the mold, it has a mirror-like finish and a very accurate shape. Already sharp, the cutting edge receives final finishing and the blade surface is polished to a softer sheen that looks less like a mirror and more like a conventional steel knife. The top edge and the area where it joins the grip are left with that reflective surface, so it still has a distinctive appearance without being too obviously different from an ordinary knife.

The 8-inch chef’s knife weighs in 200 grams, while a conventional steel chef’s knife of German manufacture comes in at about 240 to 250 grams, Dahl said. “Because it can be made so sharp, it’s effortless to cut with, so you don’t need the weight,” he added.

The angle on the cutting edge is similar to a European blade, but it’s easily as sharp as one of the thin-profile Japanese knives, according to Dahl. Balance is so superb that it’ll rest on a fingertip, he added.

Stronger than titanium, it’s also corrosion-resistant. It transfers no metal residue to food, so it doesn’t leave behind a metallic taste, and the glass-smooth surface of the blade is so dense that bacterial growth is inhibited. “The real magic of the knife is that it’s much more elastic than steel,” Dahl said. “It can take abuse in the kitchen.”

The crowdfunding campaign, which is taking place on Indiegogo through October 18, has a financial goal, but the real goal of that effort is to arouse the interest of early-adopters and the real cutlery enthusiasts as well as to capture the attention of potential retailers, Dahl said. The company is hoping to build enough momentum through the campaign to encourage a large specialty retailer to offer the knives for sale in a pilot test in a percentage of its stores for the holiday season. If that goes well, the retailer would likely place a larger order and offer the knives for sale chainwide. “The idea would be to be in store at the beginning of December, and those tests typically run for 60 days,” Dahl said. It’s expected that a retail test will introduce a VMatter Cutlery Collection that includes a chef’s knife, a paring knife, a Santoku knife and a slicing knife.

Two models of the knives are currently for sale on VMatter’s website. Both are 8-inch chef’s knives. The Professional model comes with a G10 handle in either green or black. “G10 is a material used extensively by custom knife makers,” Dahl said. “Its appearance has a bit of a carbon weave. It’s very durable, a great material for a grip.” The green handle is a pale jade that’s attracting a lot of excitement from the folks who’ve seen it, so much so that it’s essentially becoming a signature color for the product, he added. That model has a projected retail price of $247.

The other model, the Executive, is projected to retail for $397 and comes with a stabilized rare hardwood handle and custom laser engraving. You can see the knife on Indiegogo by visiting the site at and typing VMatter into the search box in the upper right of the home screen. Or you can visit the company’s website at and link from there


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TurboRoaster Cooks Perfect Poultry in Half the Time

Americans love their poultry.

They consume more than 8 billion chickens every year. And, this Thanksgiving, they will gobble down about 45 million roasted turkeys, according to a National Turkey Federation survey.

For many poultry cooks, however, the quest for the perfectly cooked bird has been a challenging one—until now. Just in time for the holidays, the new TurboRoaster™ from SAS Group, Inc., will cook a chicken or turkey—even stuffed—in half the time of conventional methods, leaving the bird tender and juicy inside and the golden brown and crispy on the outside.

Turbo Roaster-Roasted TurkeyThe problem many people have with preparing poultry stems from not being able to cook it evenly. A conventional oven cooks the bird from the outside, which tends to dry out the meat, while the TurboRoaster’s vapor-infusion system cooks it from the inside, guaranteeing juicy and tender poultry every time. The easy-to-use TurboRoaster takes the guesswork out of cooking chicken and produces a perfect 6-pound chicken in just 45 minutes, or a 25-pound turkey in just 2 hours and 15 minutes, every time.

With TurboRoaster, cooks just add water to the glass container, insert the attached tube into the chicken or turkey, and roast. The patented vapor-infusion system does all the work in half the time, giving you more time to spend with your family this holiday season.

TurboRoaster is available in stores nationwide, including Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, Target, CVS Pharmacy, and retails for just $19.99. Visit

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The Wizard of Oz Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Tervis Collection

In honor of the landmark anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, Warner Bros. Consumer Products is partnering with Tervis to launch a 75th Anniversary Collection of drinkware products featuring the film’s most recognized and remembered stars.

Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and of course Toto will be featured in Tervis’ new The Wizard of Oz Anniversary Collection. Tervis and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have been partnered since August of 2012 and since then have launched drinkware designs featuring many of Warner Bros.’ beloved characters, including Looney Tunes, Batman, Wonder Woman, Scooby-Doo, and now, The Wizard of Oz.

TervisWizardofOzThe Wizard of Oz Collection by Tervis leads drinkware dreamers and wishers down a Yellow Brick Road of fun. Just like a pair of Ruby Slippers, the two sides are a match made in the Emerald City. “Like the film, Tervis has a loyal following of fans that we call Tervo-maniacs,” says Maureen Mason, Tervis Vice President of Licensing. “The launch of Tervis’ The Wizard of Oz Anniversary Collection allows fans of the movie and the drinkware to come together as one.”

Tervis products keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, offer a lifetime guarantee and are made in America. Tervis’ The Wizard of Oz Collection will launch with four designs, including a sequin Ruby Slipper, Good Witch-Bad-and-Witch and “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” The designs showcased for the first time at the New York Tabletop show and are now available in a variety of sizes.

Call a Tervis Account Representative at 866.392.1964 or email for more information.

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Spoon & Strain Serving Tongs from Dexas

dexastongs_383_open72The Dexas Spoon & Strain Serving Tongs have a new ergonomic shape and soft-grip handles. One side of the tongs is slotted for quick draining, while the other side is a solid “spoon” shape. This sidecan be used to spoon on controlled portion sizes of salad dressings or pasta sauces, with a capacity of exactly 2 Tbsp. when level.

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Ninja Ultima Blender Delivers Pulverizing Power

The new Ninja Ultima Blender by Euro-Pro pulverizes whole fruits, vegetables and ice and delivers silky smooth, cool, nutrient complete juices with a consistency unmatched by any other traditional blender currently in the marketplace. The Ninja Ultima Blender makes whole nutrient rich juicing possible, a method that incorporates the entire fruit or vegetable, including all of its valuable nutrients.

The Ninja Ultima Blender accomplishes this through its groundbreaking and patent pending dual-stage blending technology, supported by 1500 watts and 2.5 peak horsepower. Ninja’s signature Total Crushing blades work in unison with newly developed high speed cyclonic blades. The Total Crushing blades on top break down whole fruits, vegetables, seeds and ice in a matter of seconds as the high speed cyclonic technology blends ingredients into silky smooth, grit-free beverages. Plus, the blender is hands-free, requiring no use of a tamper or the added step for consumers to push content toward the blades.

In addition to dual-stage blending, the Ninja Ultima Blender features a PRO variable speed. With a range of speeds from 3,700 to 24,000 RPM, the consumer now has the versatility to prepare recipes perfectly, from mixing cake batters, grinding meats, chopping herbs, emulsifying dips and blending perfectly smooth soups and beverages.

A desire to offer consumers nutrient rich whole juicing options sparked the idea for the Ninja Ultima Blender,” says Mark Rosenzweig, CEO of Euro-Pro, the company that develops Ninja® housewares products. “Designed with the home chef in mind, we went one step further creating a powerful and versatile appliance equipped to take healthy meals from start to finish all in one blender.”

The Ninja Ultima Blender’s high power, variable speed and patent pending blade system competes with high-end professional blenders, including Vitamix®.

More information about the Ninja Ultima Blender:

The Ninja Ultima Blender series includes an extra-large, 72-ounce multi-tasking pitcher, two 16-ounce single serve cups with Sip & Seal™ to-go lids and an eight-cup capacity food processor bowl that can make up to 2 pounds of dough in 30 seconds. Cleanup is simplified with its dishwasher-safe detachable parts crafted of 100 percent BPA-free plastic.

The Ninja Ultima Blender is available at major retailers nationwide September 2013 starting at $199 MSRP.

For more information about the Ninja Ultima Blender and additional Euro-Pro products, visit You can also learn more on Facebook at and @NinjaKitchen on Twitter.


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Welcome Home Brands Expands Paper Bakeware Line

Welcome Home Brands is expanding its line of award-winning oven-safe paper bakeware with the stylish new Lattice Collection. Featuring warm earth tones and appealing lattice patterns in three sizes, this new collection brings fun and convenience to home baking throughout the year.

The striped designs in rich brown and tan tones make this collection ideal for dressing up Pumpkin Spice Bread, Chocolate Coffee Mini Loaves, or delicious Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins for everyday baking or for birthdays, bake sales, baby showers, graduations and more.

The perfect alternative to metal bakeware, paper bakeware lets you bake, serve, store, and give in the same form. Simply pour in the batter and bake. Oven and freezer safe, the disposable paper bakeware produces perfect results, while saving time in prep and clean up.

The Lattice Collection features Welcome Home Brands’ most popular shapes and sizes:

WHB_Lattice Collection_Mini Rectangular Loaf Baking Pan_Lattice TanRectangular Mini Loaf Baking Pans (4.5 by 2.5 by 2.25 inches)

  • Lattice Tan with Brown Stripes
  • Lattice Brown with Tan Stripes

Suggested Retail: $7.99 for six-piece set

WHB_Lattice Collection_Rectangular Loaf Baking PanRectangular Loaf Baking Pans (7 by 2.5 by 1.8 inches)

  • Lattice Tan with Brown Stripes
  • Lattice Brown with Tan Stripes

Suggested Retail: $7.99 for six-piece set

WHB_Lattice Ruffled Baking Cups_BrownRuffled Baking Cups (4 by 1.2 inches)

  • Lattice Tan with Brown Stripes
  • Lattice Brown with Tan Stripes

Suggested Retail: $6.99 for 30-piece set

The Lattice Collection of oven-safe paper bakeware is available for immediate shipment.

Welcome Home Brands offers 13 collections from everyday to seasonal styles, with sizes ranging from Mini Loaf Pans to Large Round Cake Pans.

The paper bakeware line won “Best of the Best – Bronze” at the prestigious 2012 Housewares Design Awards and was a finalist in the 2012 International Housewares Association Innovation Awards in the Cookware & Bakeware category. It also won an Innovation Honor in Product Design at the 2011 ICON Honors at AmericasMart Atlanta.

For more information, contact Welcome Home Brands at 914-696-0010 or, or visit

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Cedarlane Culinary Launches its Newest High-Tech Time Saver: The Bellini Kitchen Master

~Sponsored Post~

CDL-Culinary Weblogo Black

This powerful Thermal Blender combines the functions of eight appliances in one and comes with everything needed to chop, mix, mince, knead, whip, blend and stir but can also cook, fry and steam at the same time!

Bellini Image with ScaleThis revolutionary machine significantly cuts down your hands-on time standing over the stove stirring your custard or sauces and cooks entire meals in the stainless steel bowl leaving only one dish to clean afterwards! The Bellini will even clean itself by simply adding water and dish soap to your sticky risotto residue, setting it to 90 degrees C on speed 1 for 10 minutes and voila! The Bellini Kitchen Master is truly the ultimate tool for busy families and allows you to make more dishes from scratch so you know exactly what you’re feeding to your loved ones. Imagine being able to attend to family matters or entertain your guests as the Bellini gently stirs and cooks your gourmet stroganoff or stir-fry perfectly! With MAP pricing at $599, the Bellini Kitchen Master is sure to be a hot ticket item this Christmas, as competing models retail for upwards of $1600.

This new age-way of cooking will get your creative juices flowing while saving you hours in the kitchen! For more information visit

Bellini Recipe Example: Chicken, Bacon & Pea Risotto

1 Onion cut into eight pieces
1 Garlic clove, peeled
30 ml olive oil
400 g chicken breast, cubed into 2-cm pieces
3 pieces of Canadian bacon, cut into strips then cut in half
350 g Arborio rice
1 liter chicken stock*
1 cup baby peas, thawed
50-80 grams Parmesan cheese

-Chop onion and garlic on speed 5, 10 seconds
-Scrape down sides of jug, add oil, bacon and chicken, sauté for 4 minutes, speed 1, 100 degrees. Scrape down jug and repeat.
-Add rice to jug, 2 minutes, speed 1 at 100 degrees (This is to coat the rice)
-Scrape down, add stock. Cook for 20 minutes on speed 1, 100 degrees. After this time, check the rice. It should be starting to thicken up a bit. Add the baby peas and refasten lid for 5 to 10 minutes.
-Add the Parmesan cheese and let stir on speed 1 for 1 minute.

*You can also replace 200 mls of stock with 200 mls of white wine.


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Cooks Corner Names Chief Operations Officer

Robert Bethel

Cooks Corner, a specialty retailer of kitchenware products in Green Bay, Wisc., is announcing the addition of Robert Bethel as Chief Operations Officer (COO), a newly created position within the company. As COO, Bethel will be responsible for hiring, training and supervision of staff, developing, executing and evaluating ongoing in-store operations procedures, and overseeing all strategic, fiscal, management, and policy matters.

Peter Burback, Cooks Corner’s owner and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We look forward to having Rob join our management team. He brings with him extensive managerial expertise and has a very broad array of skills that will strengthen our company. His experience and successes in leading and growing multi-million dollar organizations will translate well at our company and further aid our growth as a retail store.”

Prior to Cooks Corner, Bethel served in a variety of assignments for the United States Postal Inspection Service including executive management and key operations positions in Massachusetts, Md. and Washington, DC. Bethel holds a BS degree in Criminal Justice, and among a list of executive honors, has earned professional certification in the Lean & Six Sigma Executive Green Belt program. This training enables him to bring an organizational standard to Cooks Corner by developing and managing projects resulting in a positive impact on revenues, costs and customer satisfaction.

“I am very excited about joining the Cooks Corner family,” says Bethel. “What makes the customer’s experience so positive at Cooks Corner is not just the unbelievable variety of kitchen products offered, but all the professionals here who are committed to superior customer service. I am looking forward to ensuring continued high quality service, and most importantly, meeting all the wonderful customers that have made Cooks Corner such a success as the ‘Nation’s Largest Kitchen Store’.”

In business since 2007, Cooks Corner is a 25,000 square foot store located in The Shoppes at the Village Mall at 2605 S. Oneida Street in Green Bay, Wisc.


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OXO Scrapers Handy for Baking Season

Easily scrape leftover batter from bowls with the OXO Good Grips two-piece Bowl Scraper Set. The bean-shaped scraper provides a wide swiping area for large bowls, while the paddle-shaped scraper is perfect for getting to the bottom of narrow bowls and mixers.  The convenient size and shape of each scraper keeps hands clean and provides control for quick, efficient scraping. The scrapers are also great for spreading batter in a pan or smoothing frosting over cakes or cupcakes.  The smooth, silicone scrapers are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
OXO bowl scrapersSuggested Retail: $9.99

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